RAM Computer Memory Upgrade for Lenovo ValuePoint 6482 KPB

Here are guaranteed compatible memory upgrades for your Lenovo ValuePoint 6482 KPB.

Upgrading your Lenovo ValuePoint RAM will allow you to run your system more efficiently and increase your productivity.

Adding memory is the quickest and easiest way to improve the performance of your system and can be done in just a few minutes. Installing the highest capacity memory module in each memory socket will give you the greatest performance improvement.

Our technical support team is ready to help if you have any questions or problems.

32MB 72p 60ns EDO SIMM

32MB 60ns EDO SIMM 72-pin 5v Parity Memory

Unit Price: $16.50

Part No: 5041704

8MB 72p 70ns FPM SIMM

8MB FPM SIMM 70ns 5v Parity Memory

Unit Price: $16.50

Part No: 5041706

16MB 72p 70ns FPM SIMM

16MB FPM SIMM 70ns 5v Parity Memory

Unit Price: $10.50

Part No: 5041705

System Information

  • Kingston Part No: KTM0160
  • Kingston Part No: KTM3131
  • Kingston Part No: KTM7443/1
  • Kingston Part No: KTM0130
  • Kingston Part No: KTM0320
  • Memory Comments: These are the ONLY combinations of memory modules that can be installed in your computer. Please follow the chart listed below. Total slot 1 slot 2 slot 3 slot 4 4MB 4MB 8MB 4MB 4MB 8MB 8MB 12MB 4MB 4MB 4MB 12MB 4MB 8MB
  • Total Memory Slots: 4
  • Maximum Memory: 128
  • Standard Memory: 4 or 8
  • System Type: Desktop/Server
  • Module Type: 60ns
  • Module Type: 70ns
  • Form Factor: SIMM
  • Registered: None

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