The notches on my memory module don't line up with the socket. Did I get the wrong item?

MEMORY MODULES INSERTED BACKWARDS WILL SERIOUSLY DAMAGE THE MOTHERBOARD AND MEMORY. If the notches along the edge with the gold connectors are off, then you probably have an incorrect module. Make sure you are orienting the memory module correctly to the socket. Check to make sure you are inserting the memory into the correct socket. If the notches along the sides are not lining up, the module is probably not fully seated. Notebook memory should be inserted into the socket until the gold leads fully disappear into the socket before pushing it down into the support arms. Desktop DIMM modules should be pushed straight into the socket until the arms on the side move into place and lock on their own. Desktop SIMM modules will only fit into the socket in one direction and will not properly latch into place unless properly oriented. 

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